How to choose fish food and start your fish farming?

fish farming
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Fish farming is a profitable business. If you want to start your business in this field, you should know some professional knowledge about fish feed and the basic market operation. Choose appropriate baby fish and fish food is very important.  

What are the options for fish food?

Artificial feed: 

Artificial feed is a common choice for fish feeding, mainly including fish feed pellet and flakes. The nutrition of artificial feed produced by feed pellet making machine is more comprehensive, which is very helpful for the growth of fish. Some floating fish food containing astaxanthin can also promote the color of fish. Some artificial feeds will float on the surface. some will suspend in the water, and some will sink to the bottom. Different feeds target different fishes. The upper fish must eat the ones that float on the water. However, the middle ones eat the ones that suspend in the water. the lower ones must eat fish feed in the bottom.

Animal feed:

There are two main types of animal feed, one is live bait and the other is frozen meat. Feeding live bait has certain risks. If it is not sterilized, it may lead the fish to sickness. Frozen meat includes fish insects, fish and shrimp meat, and animal offal. Some of these materials must be processed before being fed. But the effect of animal feed is not as good and healthy as fish feed pellet.

Plant feed:

For herbivorous or omnivorous fish, it can also be fed plant feed, including aquatic plants and algae. It can supplement specific nutrients.

Why some fish didn’t eat floating fish food pellet?

There are two reasons why fish do not swim up to eat fish food:

1.The first is because the fish have not yet adapted to the environment and prefer to stay underwater and dare not go to the surface. This situation usually occurs a few days before entering the tank. At this time, you need to stop feeding, continue to let it adapt to the water body, and give it a try in a few days.

2.The second is because that kind of fish lives in the lower layers of the water body, and they don’t know how to swim to the surface, so they can’t eat floating fish feed pellet. At this time, you can change the fish food into what suspend in the water or sinks to the bottom. Before you buy fish food, you should know what kind of feed equipment is suitable for your fishes.

What should you do before starting to feed fish?

1.Make a research about the fish farming market, fish pond management knowledge, and understand the operation mode of the fish pond farming industry. Before you start fish farming, you need to understand basic market knowledge.

2. Understand the habits of different fish, learn some aquatic farming knowledge in order to choose feed correctly, and select appropriate fish food making machine to produce fish feed pellet according to your needs.

3.Figure out the economic costs of fish farming. You should learn about basic market prices, market flow, and trading markets. It is expensive to buy fish feed pellet in the market. For small and medium-sized aquatic farming, buying a fish feed making machine is the best choice, which can save raw material costs and increase economic benefits.

4.Adopting the scientific fish feed ingredients method and matching it with nutritious feed can make the fish grow fast and healthy. Fish food pellet can combine different materials. It can meet the basic requirements of fish for nutrients.

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