How to build homemade pellet mill machine?

What is a pellet mill machine? Pellet mill, widely known as pelletizer or granulator, is a pellet making machine for wood pellets or feed pellets. The raw material can be straw, grains, corn kernel, peanut shell, bits of wood and so on. The raw material should be evenly crushed into flour or fine fragment to feed into the feeding hopper of pellet mill. Then, pellet mill will squeeze and form the flour into small cylindrical pellets. The final output pellets have very dense structure. Generally, the length and diameter of pellets are adjustable by changing molds of pellet mill. The final product, pellet, is a efficient feed or fuel. Because of its compact and stable structure and easy to transport and store, pellets has gradually become one of the signs of modern agriculture.

Pellet mill machine is a very efficient machine, it has big capacity and stable pelletization performance. Therefore, more and more people want to build a homemade pellet mill machine. So do you know how to build a homemade pellet mill machine? What should be considered?

Learn the structure of pellet mill

Pellet mill machine mainly includes inlet hopper, roller, flat die, outlet, and engine. The pellet mill machine uses a belt and a worm gear to drive the machine. Smooth rotation, low noise, feeding basically depends on the gravity of the material itself to avoid blockage. The rotation speed of the main shaft is about 300 rpm, and the linear speed of the pressure roller is about 2.5 meters per second, which can effectively remove the gas in the material and increase the compactness of the product. Due to the low line speed, the noise generated during operation and the wear of components are reduced. Beside, the pellet mill machine can produce high fat, high molasses products. Pressure roller bearings have long-lasting lubrication and special sealing.

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How To Build Homemade Pellet Mill Machine? 6

Suggestion of building homemade pellet mill

Pellet mill machine mainly have 4 types with different engine power. They are electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine and PTO. Also there are many models with different capacities from 30-1200kg/H.

The raw material of pellet mill machine should be flour or fragment of straw, hay, corn stalks, maize stalks, bits of wood, and even corn kernels. Because of high quality of roller, the corn kernels can be put directly into the hopper and then you will get the pellets from the outlet.

If you want to build a homemade pellet mill machine, you need to consider about the capacity you need firstly. Then, the suitable engine power is also an important decisive factor. Different engine power has different consumption, and the price of fuel is different.

The smallest model with electric motor has the lowest price. And actually it’s affordable by most of family, that’s why we design the small one for home use. It’s very suitable for small scale farmers to use. Click here, and get more details!

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