Household Manual Feed Pellet Machine for Breeding

household manual animal feed pellet machine


In the consultation of pellet machines, the small household feed pellets machine also accounts for a large proportion. The household manual feed pellet machines generally have small output and small size and are popular among users. General the feed pellet machines require three-phase electricity, of course, there are also single-phase pellet machines with an output of 60-100 kg per hour, which can be used by household users.

Compared with the household manual feed pellet machine, the small feed pellet machine seems to be the same in a sense. Or it is slightly different. So what is the scope of application of the small feed pellet machine? What about the output?

Our small feed pellet machine adopts a flat mold design, so it has a wide range of applications. It can be not only used for the press feed materials but also for the suppression of biomass fuels, so users don’t have to worry about their raw materials not being able to pelletize.

The output of small feed pellet machines is generally less than 1 ton per hour. The pellet machine has perfect granulation ability for products under 1 ton with dry feeding, and dry discharging, uniform body shape, strong gloss, moderate hardness, which is also the reason for the long-term popularity of small feed pellet machines.

Is It Worth Buying a Household Manual Animal Feed Pellet Machine?

Of course it’s worth

First, let’s learn the advantages of using pellet machines to produce feed

1. Labor-saving: manual preparation of mixing the feed materials is slow, in contrast, the feed pellets output produced by the machine will be higher. Feeding efficiency can be increased by about 30%.

2. Feed-saving: If you feed powdered feed, it is easy to float in the air, and it is easy to make animals picky eaters. The feed flies up when the wind is blowing, causing feed waste. After changing to feeding pellets, animals cannot be picky eaters, and the feed utilization rate can reach 99%.

3. Good palatability: After the feed is processed, it can increase the fragrance, stimulate the appetite of the livestock, increase the feed intake, and improve the digestibility of the feed.

4. Promote the growth and development of animals: Because the processed pellets have a smooth surface, high hardness, and deep maturation, animals like to eat. Chew the feed adequately, the digestion and utilization rate will be high

5. Long storage time: The powdered feed itself contains about 15% water, and it is easy to get wet, deteriorate, and agglomerate. After the powdered feed is processed into pellets, part of its moisture will be lost. The processed pellets have a moisture content of about 13%, which meets the requirements of the standard. Under good storage conditions, the pellets can generally be stored for 3-4 months without deterioration. It can be storge more 2-3 months longer than powdered feed.

6. Reducing disease production. The high temperature during the granulation process can kill most pathogenic microorganisms and parasite eggs.

7. Reducing feed storage sites. You can produce as much as you need.

Animal Feed Pellet Mill for Sale

According to the breeding livestock situation, there are many small pellet machines available for sale on the market. For example, animal feed pellet making machine, cattle feed making machine, small poultry feed mill machinery, manual pellet making machine, pig feed making machine, chicken feed pellet machine, etc. The prices of these machines are also different because the feed produced is different, and the accessories and molds inside will be different. Please tell us if you have any requirements.

The details of feed pellet machine
The Details Of Feed Pellet Machine

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