FAQ about Fish Feed Pellet Machine

FAQ about Fish Feed Pellet Machine

What Is the Fish Feed Pellet Mill Machine

Many people question what is a fish pellet machine? In fact, the fish feed pellet mill is also called a pellet extruder, pellet feed forming machine, small feed pellet machine, which belong to feed pelleting equipment. It is a feed processing machine that directly compresses crushed materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, and rice husk into pellets. The use of fish feed pellet made by fish feed pellet machinery to feed small fish can not only reduce feed costs but also meet the needs of small fish, thereby increasing the rapid growth of small fish and improving the economic benefits of aquaculture users in the aquaculture industry.

Does Fish Like to Eat Fish Feed Pellet made by Pellet Mill?

Fish must love to eat. The ingredients of fish feed pellets are protein, fat, starch, vitamins, and minerals. In the process of producing fish feed, the starch in the feed undergoes a certain degree of maturation, producing a strong flavor that can arouse the appetite of the fish. The matured fish food pellets improve the palatability of the feed and make it easier to eat.

The Application Scope of Fish Pellet Machine

The fish feed pellet machine is widely used in large, medium, and small aquaculture, grain feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and small and medium farms, farmers, or large, medium, and small feed processing factories.

How Many Types of Fish Feed Pellet Can the Pellet Mill Machine Produce?

floating fish feed pellet, extruded fish feed pellet, sinking fish feed, various shapes of fish food.

What Are the Characteristics of the Fish Feed Produced

  • The feed is easy to digest for fish and it has a high feed utilization rate. When granulating, heating gelatinization enhances enzyme activity, which is easy for fish to absorb. Feeding fish with pelletized feed can increase feed utilization rate by 10-20% compared with powdered feed; the cost of feeding fish can be saved by about 37%.
  • Good palatability, increase fish feed intake.
  • Prevent fish from picky eaters, reduce waste, and keep water quality free from pollution.
  • The feed has a high density and is convenient for storage and transportation. The nutrient loss of the feed pellet machine is very small. The pellets processed by this machine have a smooth surface, moderate hardness, and deep internal maturation. It can also kill disease-causing microorganisms and parasites. Various additives and drugs can be added to the processing of fish food pellets to ensure feed quality. Due to dry feeding and dry discharge, the water content of the produced fish pellet feed is less than 12%, which is convenient for storage after sealing.

About Fish Pellet Mill Manufacturer

Taizy manufacturer specializes in the production of fish feed pellet machines, small feed pellet machines, cattle feed making machine, sheep, pig feed making machine, chicken feed pellet machine, animal pellet machines, small feed grinders, and other feed processing equipment. Among them, the price of fish feed pellet machines is cheap. With high quality, our fish pellet machine has been exported to Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Myanmar, and so on. The performance of the pellet machine is stable, and the exported pellet machine has no faults in the use process, and there may be problems that it will not operate expertly. In this way, our engineers will guide the operation online and teach customers to step by step.

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