Flavoring machine price

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Flavoring machine, also known as seasoning machine, is a machine widely used in food processing industry. Flavoring machine can evenly mix the seasonings and raw materials together to improve the flavor of raw material. It is widely used in seasoning of snack food, pet food, fish feed, etc. Our company provides three types of flavoring machine, single drum seasoning machine, double drum seasoning machine and octagonal seasoning machine. Each machine with their specific characteristic, and with different price.

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Flavoring Machine Price 6

When deciding which machine and model is most suitable for your own plant, you should consider about the specific of raw material (shape and size), the capacity you need. Three types of machine all need a conveyor or elevator to reach full automation.

Single drum seasoning machine

Single drum seasoning machine
Flavoring Machine Price 7

    Single drum seasoning machine usually is made of stainless steel. It has smaller capacity than double drum seasoning machine. The single drum seasoning machine can realize feeding in raw material automatically. Besides, there is a conveyor transfers the raw materials into the feed hopper of flavoring machine automatically. It has simple structure and easy to operate.

Double drum seasoning machine

Double drum seasoning machine
Flavoring Machine Price 8

    Double drum seasoning machine has bigger capacity than single drum seasoning machine. This machine has two drums which can process more amount of raw material a time. It combines functions of oil spraying and seasoning. It rotates at a constant speed, so can mix the seasoning and raw material more evenly.

Octagonal seasoning machine

Octagonal seasoning machine
Flavoring Machine Price 9

    Octagonal seasoning machine has a shape of octagon. Compared with the spherical roller seasoning machine, octagonal seasoning machine can solve the problem that the raw material doesn’t roll in the seasoning bin. In three types of flavoring machine, this one takes smallest space. It also needs an conveyor to lift and pour the raw material into it. In addition, the parts that contact the raw material is made of stainless steel.

Flavoring machine features

1. The mixer has high efficiency and fast mixing speed.

2. The operation of the seasoning machine is fully automatic, which has the advantages of simple operation and convenience. Automatic discharge, lower labor intensity.

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Flavoring Machine Price 10

3. The unique spiral tooth arrangement makes the material mix more evenly, and the single charge is more.

4. The unique seal protection of the large mixer makes the equipment longer in service life and easier to clean.

5. It has good adaptability and mixing effect to granular, powder, mud, paste and slurry, and it has good shape retention for block.

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