Feed Food Pellet Machine for Sale Philippines and Nigeria

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With the progress of technology and market demand, the fish pellet machine has become more and more advanced. A fish food pellet machine can achieve multiple functions. For example, besides fish feed, it also can produce other aquatic feeds, dog food, and other pet foods. In addition, it can produce floating fish feed pellet, and sinking fish feed can also be produced, you just need to replace the screw sleeve.

There is still a great demand for floating fish feed pellet machine in the international market. At present, we have sold fish feed machines to Nigeria, the Philippines, Ghana, Malaysia, Niger, Singapore, the United States, Canada, Cameroon, and other countries.

Feed Pellet Machine for Sale Philippines

Customers in Malaysia bought five feed pellet machines, three of which are used to produce fish food and the other two are used to produce pet food. This client specializes in the feed business, and he supplies feed sources to various farmers. During the time when the machine is being transported by sea, we inform customers how to use the machine online. After the customer received the machines, we also gave help on how to adjust the cutting speed, how to change the mold, how to clean the machine, and so on. We solved the customer’s questions. Now the customer’s machine is running well and he has expanded his feed business.


Manual Fish Feed Pellet Machine in Nigeria

Nigeria’s agricultural development is relatively weak compared to China, but Nigerian people are very smart. They use ponds to raise fish and also use ponds for irrigation, which fully guarantees the utilization of water resources. This customer in Nigeria used to use ponds to irrigate his fields, but this year changed his usual pattern and used ponds to raise fish. In addition, he also raises fish in the rice fields. In order to meet the demand for feed, he bought a manual fish food pellet machine from us, which has a large output and stable operation.


Why So Many Customers Choose Us

Our machines are constantly updated in accordance with the needs of the international market. From the original feed pellet machine, the diesel-engine fish extruder, the electric fish extruder, to the mechatronics fish pellet machine, The machine is more and more advanced. The operation is more and more stable, and the operation is more and more simple. The innovation of machines makes customers more dependent on us, and more customers choose us.

Fish food pellet mill machine
Fish Food Pellet Mill Machine

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