56 sets feed pellet mill machine sold to Malaysia

Feed pellet mill machine is also know as pellet machine. It’s a pelletizer which processes grains, straw, grass and other feed materials into pellet. The feed pellet has a certain amount of density, and has proper size for animal chewing. The raw material can be flour of grains, or some chaff after cutting. Some corn kernel and short straw can be fed into the hopper without crushing. Our feed pelletizer is professionally designed for farmers using. So we designed 4 types, with electric motor or control cabinet, with gasoline engine, with diesel engine, and with a PTO device. It solves the problem that some remote area lacking of electricity. Feed pellet mill machine has been welcomed by many customers from Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Philippine, and so on.

56 sets feed pellet mill machine sold to Malaysia

In October, a customer from Malaysia sent us inquiry about pellet machine. He worked for his local government procurement planning organization. They needed to purchase some pellet machines for local farmers to feed animals. This customer had inspected for more than 10 suppliers in China and finally chose us. Because we promised to send him some spare parts for free and we offered a very competitive price. Although our price was not the cheapest one, he thought our factory had enough strength to produce 55 sets in 2 weeks. Then he ordered one machine first as sample to check the machine’s quality. Also, he promised us if local government has satisfactory feedback about our machine, he would place another 55 sets.

In the end of October he received the machine. Fortunately he and members of the government organization were all content with our machine. At the beginning of November, he came back to us with his deposit. We prepared all the machines in 2 weeks, with wooden case packaging. Now this customer receives his item and is arranging the delivery issues.

Advantages of our pellet mill machine

  1. Easy to operate. We have a video showing how to debug and use the machine. You will find this machine easy to operate.
  2. Our pellet mill machine has small size but high efficiency. We have many models with capacity from 100kg/H to 1000kg/H, you can choose whatever you want.
  3. The spindle speed is 60rpm, and the linear speed of the press roller is 2.5m/s. Our pellet machine can effectively remove the air in the material and increase the tightness of the product.
  4. It’s available to fit in a production line. Many customers of us add a conveyor onto the pellet mill machine, which can transfer the crushed material directly to pelletizer. It can increase the automation of the machine.
  5. We provide different engine powers for customers to choose. Electric motor, electric control cabinet, gasoline engine, diesel engine and PTO, are all available to choose.
  6. The machine has simple structure. So it’s easy to maintenance and the spare parts are easy to exchange.

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