30 sets fish feed pellet machine sold to Nigeria

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Fish feed pellet machine is an extruder which processes raw material into pellets with a certain density. The output pellet is a common feed to fish, shrimp, livestock and pets. It’s single screw extruder, so it’s more efficient to produce fish feed pellet. The raw material can be wheat flour, rice flour, corn flour, or other grains flour, also some meat meal, fish meal, or bone meal. The size and shape of output feed pellet is adjustable by changing molds. Because of the rapid development of aquatic products industry, this extruder is widely welcomed by many customers all over the world. Recently we received many inquiries from customers of Nigeria, Togo, America, Burma, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.. Our customer also gave us a high evaluation after buying the machine. We just sold 4 sets fish feed pellet machine to Vietnam last week.

30 sets fish feed pellet machine to Nigeria

In September, a customer from Nigeria sent inquiry to us about fish feed production machine. He cooperated with local government and had purchased a lot of machines from China before. This time, he needed machines which can produce floating fish feed. Because he thought it could be more clear to see the situation of fish eating. However, he wanted 1 set at the beginning, as a sample for our first cooperation. Our sales clerk still treated this customer warmly and sent him a video of our factory.

After seeing our factory’s video, this customer was indecisive. Because he thought the scale of our factory was huge, and we had a lot of machines in stock. He confirmed with us again about the delivery time of 30 sets diesel engine. We committed to deliver all the machines in 15 days, then he decided to purchase 30 sets extruder this time.

In October, we received his deposit and began to prepare the machines. 12 days later, we deliver the item. The customer was very satisfied with that.

What can we provide to customers?

  1. The most suitable machine. We never recommend the most expensive machine, but the most suitable machine to customers. As we know different customer has specific demands and different budget, we will recommend an efficient model to you.
  2. The most considerate service. We can offer layout drawing according to your plant area. It’s also our pleasure to provide economic benefit analysis about your building and plan.
  3. On-site installation service. Don’t worry about the installation. We can send professional engineers to your place and help you finish the installation. If you don’t need on-site installation service, we can also send you a detailed install video as a technical support.

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